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Hate begets hate. Newer generations are born and taught this hate every day.

The misogyny in this world is more disgusting than the misandry, but misandry is also disgusting.
The racism towards all races other than whites is more disgusting, but the racism against whites is also disgusting.
The ignorance in this world is disgusting. But even the movements to get rid of it, to bring about “equality” got confused along the line. Misandrists are posing as Feminists, even Misogynists as well. MRAs are a thing because of the fear Misandrists inspired in certain men’s hearts. Celebrities are rejecting the whole Feminist movement because the meaning has been lost.

But it all starts somewhere. Today I saw the beginnings of a hatred and generalization of “gamers”. Days ago the hatred and generalization of “neckbeards” reached me, despite my icon having a clear photo of myself having a goatee. For years I’ve seen fans of My Little Pony fall under the bus because of the whole “brony” group of people. Stereotypes are creeping up on us while we pay attention to the far more important causes, and one day we’re going to find ourselves looking at headlines of someone being killed for being a “brony”, or a “neckbeard”, or a “gamer”, or even because someone wore a hat that might have looked a little like a fedora.

One death doesn’t match the countless masses that have died as a result of the more important hate. But it’s a start. We’re letting the sparks of the flame come alive while we fight for “equality”.

You are not a Feminist (or one of the newly rising(?) Humanists) if you spread even this tiny oppression. You are not fighting for equality if you’re letting this happen in the background. The enemy is MRAs, racists, sexists. Not people who are generalized into MAYBE being one of them for looking a certain way. JonTron said something that still supported the feminist movement, and because of the way he looked and the other slip-ups he made in the past, the rumor that he’s an MRA spread like wildfire and people instantly hated without even checking the facts. I had someone tell me to my face that he was spreading hatred towards Feminists when he’s done no such thing.

The children you raise will see these tiny acts of oppression and do them themselves. It may seem like fun and games now, but it can get a lot worse. You’ve seen how much worse it can get for hundreds of years, and now you’re fighting against it.

So let’s continue to fight for it. The world we may not even get to see but will get to begin. A world of true equality. 

For the record, go ahead and scroll through my entire Tumblr. See how much I’ve made sure to signal boost all the more important movements and events going on at the moment, and if I missed some posts please send them to me because I obviously missed them. I have never made an original post for these movements because that is dangerous waters on this website, I leave that to the far braver masses; for the people who are victims of the oppression we fight. I am not against Feminism or Humanism. I’m not against any of it. I’m for it all. A human is a human. I’m against the distant future seeing more movements have to pop up because of our ignorance.


Does anyone else sometimes wonder what Jon and Barry’s relationship is like these day? I mean it’s pretty sad to imagine.. they were friends since high school..Jon got Barry his editing job on Game Grumps…it’s so hard to imagine they’re not friends anymore. I think the break up of the original cast of Game Grumps also led to Jon losing one of his closest buddies but no one ever really sympathizes Jon which I don’t understand because I know damn well you’ve all had a friend you used to be close with and aren’t anymore. Not a very nice feeling.

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